Oct 11, 2016

REACH global research Programme

Some governments are so generous, they provide large-scale funds to support researchers which is not only enables them to conduct sound researches, but, helps to translate the research findings to solve global problems. One of such kind of project is REACH research project, which aims to provide water security for the poor, particularly in developing countries in Asia and Africa.  Some times ago, at the project inauguration  time, I introduced it here in my blog. e.g. Here.  

The reason of this blog post is to express my happiness to be elected as the member of the Junior Global Advisory Panel (JGAP) for such a huge global research project. It will be an interesting avenue to see what I, as hydrologist, can provide to solve real water problems, and at the same time try to learn  from the world class experts in the field of water and water security. As a part of disseminating the effort of REACH, you will see some posts regards the field and research activities of REACH here in my blog. The list of Junior Global Advisory Panels (JGAP) selected along with me are listed here