Jul 27, 2016

OMS Summer School 2016

In the summer course we have conducted from 18-21 July, 2016, there are plenty of resources presented on the way our research team here in Trento is modelling hydrology. The blog Abouthydrology detailed it, and here I shared for any way interested in the OMS modelling framework.  Here you can go to the link AboutHydrology: OMS Summer School 2016 - What we actually did: This is what we actually did at the Summer School on OMS3. Here you will find slides and material (actually, it is already presented in the ...

Jul 1, 2016

Water Budget of the upper Blue Nile basin

If we, as a hydrologic science community,  are aims to contribute for understanding and managing  the water resource, it is important to provide space-time information for all the components of water cycle i.e precipitation, evapotranspiration, runoff, and storage together. Usually such estimation is persuaded at annual time scale for large basin using the budyko hypothesis. However,  this kind of estimation is not useful for operational purpose as hydrological information at daily and weekly scale is a key for agricultural application. Here, a paper submitted for HESSD, is our  effort to estimate  space-time distributed water budget for the Upper Blue Nile basin, an exemplary for data scarce and large scale problems.