Oct 9, 2015

List of Hydrologist working in Ethiopia and horn of Africa

Hydrologists all over the world, I mean those who are real and good ones, are peoples fighting with nature to understand better how nature (hydrological cycle  works, and are those providing and accumulating hydrological information. So having any good hydrologist at any corner of the world is obviously mean better awareness and insight how the terrestrial water cycle. 
However, when it comes to solve a particular water related problems in a particular area, those who did researches in that regions are better understand the problems and provides "quantitative" information. More over, every basin is hydrologically unique! 

Ethiopia is hydrologically complex country with many water related problems. Having a personal goal to deal with the water related problems and particularly agricultural water resources in Ethiopia, I am interested to talk, to discuss and collaborate, or even to follow and read their research outputs. So here is an updating list of hydrologist that works in Ethiopia and surrounding regions. The list will be those of pure hydrologist, in the sense that I will not include other related scientists. And I don't pretend that I will find all hydrologist working in that regions. It can also be used as list to organise workshop and conference in the region.  Anyway some of hydrologist working in the region are:
  • Assefa M. Melesse (GS)
  • Declan Conway (GS)
  • Simon Langan (RG)
  • Tammo S Steenhuis (CU)
  • Shimelis Gebriye Setegn (GS)
  • Seifu A Tilahun (GS)
  • Senay Gabriel (SDSU)
  • Paul J. Block (CV)
  • Tom Rientjes(GS)
  • Mekonnen Gebremichael (UCONN)
  • Seifu Kebede (RG)
  • Tenalem Ayenew (RG)
  • Dagnachew Legesse (RG)
  • Amy S. Collick (RG)
  • Semu Moges (RG)
  • Tena Alamirew (linkedin)
  • Meron Teferi Taye (GS)
  • Menberu Meles Bitew (GS)

To be updated …….