Aug 14, 2015

Creating a research brand

In the search of approaches and tips claiming to be expert in a particular research theme , today, I have found that   Jeffrey J. McDonnell publish small advice on science. The advices can be summarised as:

  • Define research theme or brand that interests you and that you can do it very well
  •  Define proper research brand width: not too much wide and too much narrow 
  • Disseminate it to the world everywhere you get chances: through published  paper, conference   talk, through research webpage,  journal commentary, perspective paper, or review linked to your research brand

You can read it for yourself here.

Similar advices has been published by my advisor, Riccardo Rigon, at his blog abouthydrology.  For instance, first one is some general comments how to do research in general and how to follow "smart" person (here), and the second is very specific to hydrologist and some practical advices (here). 

The overall message is that its is very important for one early researcher to define research agenda (realm) and follow persistently to standing out among the many young scientists. And follow those mentioned advices for improvements.  As to my research agenda, well, at the moment I will not have much agenda that is not agenda of my  Professor, but, I would like to connect those research brands that interest me and I am very good at it. For the moment   they are described in this post, and will be further refined.