Jun 3, 2015

AboutHydrology: R resources for Hydrologists

The R resources for hydrologist post is one of the richest site for hydrologist to review the available R packages out there.  You can find it here AboutHydrology: R resources for Hydrologists: it is very amazing collection of resources. Using the same title, I am dedicating this post to collecting all R packages and resources that I am using and come across.

mco: Multiple Criteria Optimization Algorithms and Related Functions. Example application 

gtools:smartbindEfficient rbind of data frames, even if the column names don't matchspot: An R Package For Automatic and Interactive Tuning of Optimization Algorithms by Sequential Parameter Optimization

Displaying Time  Series, Spatial, and  Space-Time Data  with R: Interesting book for spatial and temporal data visualisation

RStoolbox: Provide a set of high-level remote sensing tools for various classification tasks. All list of function can be found here