Jun 19, 2012

Review on short course in Hydrology which I attended in Cagliari

Last week I attended a short course entitled " Hydrology and water resources in dynamic climate". The courses stayed for four days (June 4-7, 2012), and was overwhelming in the sense that it covered different issues, starting from fluid mechanics, energy balance, water balance, and some review on remote sensing of surface flux. The first part, fluid mechanics, covered concepts of turbulence, conservation equations (conservation of mass, energy, momentum) and closure problems. The second part of the lecture was on atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), the motivation of studying on ABL for hydrologist, ecologist, climatologist; especially the impact of different layer of the atmosphere on components of hydrological cycles has been discussed. To be frank, it was difficult for me to follow the lecture on modeling approaches of ABL of water balance and energy balances. 

to be continued .....